Thursday, 24 December 2009

The End of Mark Hughes

The lights are out for Mark Hughes and his 15 month reign Eastlands. To my complete amazement no sooner had he been shown the exit door and given his P45 Roberto Mancini was wiping his feet at the entrance quicker than a rat up a drain pipe!!!

Now we all know football can occasionally bring up some stories that bring Corrie writers to their knees but this is just simply ridiculous... actually it's stupid! Sparky certaintly raised the electricity bill with his expenditure of £200m including the likes of Gareth Barry (£18m), Adebayour (£25m), De Jong (£16m), Santa Cruz (£17 ½m), Lescott (£24m), Toure (£14m) and Tevez (heaven knows exactly how much). These are all core squad players starting the majority of games, so guess what? It will take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, or should I say Abu Dhabi!!! Ever heard of process Mr Chairman????

Time has become a commodity in football and who is the seed with for this? Rich football owners who desire to use their cash to buy football clubs as their new play toy - demanding success as instant as their coffee, as quickly as they spent their cash.

On City’s officially website Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak stated ‘A return of 2 wins in 11 Premier League games is clearly not in line with targets that were agreed at the start of the season’. Were they targets made with a gun to Hughes’s head? They need time, learn how to play together as a team, understand each others strengths and weaknesses and manage the expectation that many of those players haven’t experienced before.

So 6th place in the league, the closest they have been to their local rivals since Technicolor, and in a semi final for the 1st time in nearly 30 years and to still lose your job!!! What signal does this sent to the rest of the Premier League? Messrs Zola, Brown and Megson will be feeling they could be stuffed come Boxing Day.

So what of the new boy at Man City? Roberto Mancini wasn’t the first choice, and only time will tell if he can cut it! Yes he’s won two Serie A titles, but City fans wanted a big name with Premier League experience like Hiddink or Mourinho, both proven men. Mancini's appointment feels hasty over a cloud of uncertainty and he will be under immediate pressure to succeed, especially now he has a head start being only two games away from Wembley.

This wouldn’t have done Man City’s PR any good over the handing of Hughes’s exit. Stay tuned to this drama - there are a few episodes to run still.

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