Wednesday, 10 February 2010

8….9, 10 you're out!!!

Another weekend of Premier League action, and if clues weren’t given last week on who were in the title race then the DNA has been left at the crime scene this week.  Let’s cut straight to the chase – this is a two-horse race Chelsea and Man United.  Why? Although Arsenal are still mathematically in with the race the last two weeks have shown that the Gunners are welterweight looking good without the knockout heavyweight punch! They are susceptible to the quick counter-attack, over committing players, playing with no width and trying to play everything through the middle.  Wenger is short of a strong spine and needs a world class keeper, midfielder and centre forward - and it's time to spend the cash and buy quality.

Below the race for the title is the race is the battle for Champions League’s places.  Liverpool has got their voices back!!! Gaining 17 points out of 21 after a fiery and 18-certificated Merseyside derby where 2 men were sent off (Kyrgiakos and Pienaar) and another goal from the in-form Kuyt who has finally chalked up 50 goals for the Reds.  They’re very much back in the hunt for the fourth spot, largely due to the inconsistency of Tottenham, Manchester City and Aston Villa. With Spurs and Villa playing out a nil-nil draw - and City’s surprised away defeat at battling Hull.

The race at the bottom is as tight as it gets, with 4 points separating 6 places between Sunderland (13th) and Bolton (19th) and Hull and Burnley picking up 3 points after good wins at against City and West Ham respectively.   As for Portsmouth it gets tougher and tougher, with their worst performance of the season at Old Trafford with schoolboy defending for Rooney and Berbartov’s goals.  To add insult to injury Portsmouth chucked in three own goals to boot, as if United weren’t capable on their own.  One can only hope that Wednesday’s visit from the tax man doesn’t close their doors for good, but is the best they can hope for administration?

We are approving the final third of the season as still a few stories to be written the question is: who else will soon be hearing the 10 count?

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  1. miracles happens!!! Portsmouth will stay in the Premier League as for Liverpool they will not take the session but will end in the Euroleauge.
    that's my wish!